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About Us

Who is Piedmont Wine Imports?

     We are a small group of wine people who are passionate about the wine products we import. We carry a portfolio heavily weighted toward small-production farms.
Because Piedmont Wine Imports focuses on a short list of wines, we give each product the attention it deserves and can convey specific information about the awesome people and places that made these wines worth time in your glass!

Jay Murrie: I was born in North Dakota, which makes me nearly Canadian. My hobbies include not having very much time for hobbies because of all the reading about, writing about and drinking of wine. But I do like to run (nobody really likes to run) and to cook, particularly when my kids helps out.

I had a meal in Rome when I was 15 that changed my life. Carbonara, at a sidewalk restaurant. I had no idea food could taste like that. I remember it vividly and never make Carbonara (or really ever order it) for fear of being disappointed. I started collecting wine after getting stuck in an isolated farmhouse for a week with only one bottle of Chilean Merlot. Nature taught me a lesson. Having abundant good wine at home is essential.

I go to Europe because I do not think you can learn about a wine or a person and their land and food and culture from across an ocean. The people I meet and the conversations we have in fields, on farms, at tables are my education.

Piedmont Wine Imports is the final stage of a crazy daydream I had as a dumb twenty something of a fake job that would more-or-less pay the bills, put me on the doorsteps of farmers I admire (and in their kitchens!) And allow for the really serious study of food and cultures that weren’t mine.

Selling wine for a living makes it possible to meet hundreds of vine growers and hear their compelling stories. I am a sap, unrepentant. A large part of me believes that good people make good wine. Being a wine merchant never allowed me to wallow too long in sentimentality. When I buy stacks of wine because I love the people and their stories, I immediately start a mental list of who’s buying those cases. Everything is temporary.
So I got swept away by the whole food and wine thing. No regrets. I hope you like what we import!